Time Management: The Importance of Self-Monitoring

Do you sometimes struggle to get things done in time? Do you feel overwhelmed and like you don’t have enough time to do it all? In this blog, I present a powerful technique to up your time management game.

Rémi Thériault | Student Success Series

The Student Success Series features Student Ambassadors from the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. They share what strengths, mindsets, and strategies helped them succeed as students.

Are You in Control... of You?

This blog covers the science of self-control: what it is, how to train it, what to do when you’re out of it, as well as its critical role in the expression of prejudice and discriminatory behaviours.

Does Hypnosis Improve Clinical Interventions?

Evidence suggests hypnosis can improve a great number of psychotherapeutic and medical interventions, especially when used as an adjunct, but it can also induce false memories.

The New Age Movement: Volunteer Associations, Not Markets

The New Age Movement is “a liberation movement, seeking to free and to empower the individual’s private experience of spiritual realities — freedom from religious dogma and authority, and empowerment in the face of mainstream intellectual culture”.

The SOI, the Big Five Traits of Personality, and Personal Transformation

Is there such a thing as the ideal personality? Evidence suggests that people that are extraverted, open, agreeable, conscientious, and emotionally stable seem to experience the most positive outcomes.

Critically Assessing the Motivational Framework of Rhonda Byrne’s *The Secret*

The concept of The Secret, “you attract what you think about”, powerfully appeals to mass audiences, perhaps because it has some real, though indirect, benefits on motivation and goal attainment. But it also comes with major drawbacks.

Buddhist Koans: Duality of Language and Its Transcendence

A monk asked, “By what means is ‘hearing without hearing’ accomplished?” The Master said, “Setting aside not hearing, what do you hear?”

Do We Really Know What Yoga Means? The Place of Spirituality in Yoga Research

By failing to recognize the spiritual side of yoga, we really miss a big piece of the puzzle that could contribute to our understanding of its benefits. We see the more apparent (physical) causes and miss the finer, subtler psycho-spiritual causes.

How I Became Intelligent: Or Why IQ Tests May Fail to Awaken One’s Potential

After months of effort, I achieved what would be the beginning of all my success: mastering my mind. Every time a negative thought appeared, I replaced it with a positive one.