Forces Avenir University Selection Interview - Personality

The Forces Avenir Graduate Studies Jury (Personality category) interviewed Rémi Thériault on his engagement history and story.

Forces Avenir University Studies Selection Interview - Project

The Forces Avenir University Studies Jury (category Project - Health and healthy lifestyles) interviewed Rémi Thériault and Andrea LeFebvre on the Canadian Positive Psychology Association Student Ambassador Program.

2023 Merit Awards Ceremony - Interviews

As part of the Merit Awards Ceremony, Jean-Christian Pleau presented the Merit Awards — Student Succession to the three cycles. Host Marie-Soleil Michon spoke with the winners of this category.

Addressing the Replicability Crisis: Open Science and Beyond

In this video, I explain how open science can help solve the problem of the replicability crisis in psychology, but how other solutions are also needed since there are deeper structural problems.

CPPA Student Member Spotlight: Rémi Thériault

At the CPPA we love not only to see our members flourishing, but also to celebrate them and everything they achieve. In this member spotlight interview, Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, interviews CPPA member and student ambassador Rémi Thériault.

Marie Gendron: Extreme altruism: donating your kidney to a stranger… while still alive

Journalist Émilie Perreault from the Télé-Québec program L’Avenir nous appartient interviews Rémi Thériault to better understand the mixed reactions to acts of altruism. “At age 69, Marie Gendron decided to donate a kidney to a stranger.

Panel: The Art of Presenting

Workshop with the SSHRC’s Storytellers Finalists: An Opportunity to Learn about and Practice the Art of Presenting. Organized by the CRIR (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal).

Communicating Research Effectively

sshrc_crsh @mcgillu Stortyellers finalist Rémi Thériault gives us one tip for communicating research effectively.

Exploring Identity And Empathy Through the Body-Swap Illusion

A brief introduction to another one of my main research programs.

Exploring Body Ownership in the Rubber Hand Illusion

A brief introduction to one of my main research programs.