Nice Tables

How to make nice, perfectly formatted APA tables for Microsoft Word in a blink.

Easy Randomization

How to randomize participants to groups or conditions easily in R! + Bonus: how to make a runsheet with your randomization conditions!

Easy Assumption Testing

How to quickly test linear regression assumptions (through visual assessment of diagnostic plots or objective tests).

Easy Moderations

How to easily make a bunch of moderations with simple slopes in a preformatted table.

Easy Planned Contrasts

How to easily make a bunch of planned contrasts (pairwise comparisons) in a preformatted table.

Easy T-Tests

How to easily make a bunch of t-tests with effect sizes in a preformatted table.


Alternative, vector-based syntax to lavaan, and other convenience functions.


An R Framework for easy statistical modeling, visualization, and reporting


Bridges the gap between R’s output and the formatted results contained in your manuscript.


Provides utilities to work with indices of effect size and standardized parameters.