Nice Tables

How to make nice, perfectly formatted APA tables for Microsoft Word in a blink.

Easy Randomization

How to randomize participants to groups or conditions easily in R! + Bonus: how to make a runsheet with your randomization conditions!

Easy Assumption Testing

How to quickly test linear regression assumptions (through visual assessment of diagnostic plots or objective tests).

Easy Moderations

How to easily make a bunch of moderations with simple slopes in a preformatted table.

Easy Planned Contrasts

How to easily make a bunch of planned contrasts (pairwise comparisons) in a preformatted table.

Easy T-Tests

How to easily make a bunch of t-tests with effect sizes in a preformatted table.


Alternative, vector-based syntax to lavaan, and other convenience functions.


Convenience functions for psychology: APA plots, APA tables, statistical tests, and more.


An R Framework for easy statistical modeling, visualization, and reporting


Bridges the gap between R’s output and the formatted results contained in your manuscript.