The New Age Movement: Volunteer Associations, Not Markets

The New Age Movement is “a liberation movement, seeking to free and to empower the individual’s private experience of spiritual realities — freedom from religious dogma and authority, and empowerment in the face of mainstream intellectual culture”.

Buddhist Koans: Duality of Language and Its Transcendence

A monk asked, “By what means is ‘hearing without hearing’ accomplished?” The Master said, “Setting aside not hearing, what do you hear?”

Do We Really Know What Yoga Means? The Place of Spirituality in Yoga Research

By failing to recognize the spiritual side of yoga, we really miss a big piece of the puzzle that could contribute to our understanding of its benefits. We see the more apparent (physical) causes and miss the finer, subtler psycho-spiritual causes.

How I Became Intelligent: Or Why IQ Tests May Fail to Awaken One’s Potential

After months of effort, I achieved what would be the beginning of all my success: mastering my mind. Every time a negative thought appeared, I replaced it with a positive one.

The Quest for Meaning: And Where It Originates

Why suffering? Believe me, an existential crisis can be the beginning of a powerful transformation.

Do You Know Your EQ? No, I’m not talking about your Intelligence Quotient

Emotional intelligence (EI) better predicts your academic and professional success than your IQ. Emotional intelligence even boosts your life span.

Nature of Reality: And Its Inevitable Simplification

By trying to systematize, organize, categorize, and simplify, we necessarily lose some mystery, subtlety, complexity, and beauty.