easystats: An R framework for easy statistical modeling, visualization, and reporting

*easystats* is a collection of R packages, which aims to provide a unifying and consistent framework to tame, discipline, and harness the scary R statistics and their pesky models. However, there is not (yet) an unique 'easystats' way of doing data …

effectsize: Indices of Effect Size

The goal of this package is to provide utilities to work with indices of effect size and standardized parameters, allowing computation and conversion of indices such as Cohen’s d, r, odds-ratios, etc.

report: From R to your manuscript

*report*’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between R’s output and the formatted results contained in your manuscript. It automatically produces reports of models and data frames according to best practices guidelines (e.g., APA’s style), ensuring …

lavaanExtra: Convenience functions for lavaan

Affords an alternative, vector-based syntax to lavaan, as well as other convenience functions such as naming paths and defining indirect links automatically. Also offers convenience formatting optimized for a publication and script sharing workflow.