L’importance de la science ouverte en recherche en psychologie [The importance of open science in psychology research]


The scientific replication crisis that the field of psychology is currently experiencing calls into question the reputation of our discipline and our confidence in a majority of past and present research. The scientific community identifies two main causes of the replication crisis in psychology: questionable research practices and a lack of transparency. Fortunately, open science, which places transparency, reproducibility and good research practices at the heart of its approach, makes it possible to address these two issues directly. This recommends in particular: (a) pre-registration of the study; (b) the recorded report; (c) making deidentified data publicly available online; (d) putting materials and syntax online; (e) the use of free software such as R; (f) pre-publication; and (g) open access publication. This article briefly covers these different practices.

Accepted in Fragments : Revue de psychologie. Preprint: doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/758dx
Rémi Thériault
Rémi Thériault
PhD Student (Social Psychology)

My research interests include social/implicit cognition, altruism, and dreams.